GcardBody allows the donor of a gift order to enter a block of text that will form the body of the electronic gift card.

Value's Maximum Length: 2000 characters

Typical Syntax:
<TEXTAREA ROWS=10 COLS=40 NAME="GcardBody">Hope you like your gift!</TEXTAREA>

Note: If you are using this tag as part of a page containing multiple recipients, you will need to append an index number to the end of the tag name. For example:

first form....

<TEXTAREA ROWS=10 COLS=40 NAME="GcardBody1">Hope you like your gift!</TEXTAREA>

next form...>

<TEXTAREA ROWS=10 COLS=40 NAME="GcardBody2">Hope you like yours, too!</TEXTAREA>

Note: Double-bar substitution and html tags are now allowed in gcardbody.