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BIKER Celebrates 25 Years and Merges With Easyriders

Paisano Publications has proudly brought you the best of the two-wheeled world with BIKER magazine for an astounding 25 yeas! To celebrate, our February 25th Anniversary issue of BIKER (#278) will offer up a "Best of BIKER" showcasing all the crazy times, bikes, babes, runs, and rallies that have made BIKER the lifestyle magazine of the scooter-lovin' world. This will be a commemorative special edition that you'll cherish for years to come.

Beginning with the March 2012 issue of Easyriders you'll see a bigger and better-than-ever format. And you'll get more of what our BIKER readers tell us they want, namely wild biker parties, killer custom bike features and badass babes. You'll get one action-packed issue of Easyriders to replace every issue of BIKER you were due to receive on your current subscription.

If you already subscribe to Easyriders, we'll extend your Easyriders' subscription by the same number of additional issues that you had coming on your BIKER subscription. If you are not yet an Easyriders' subscriber, check out the exciting new March issue of Easyriders we'll be sending you. You'll find the best of the biker lifestyle as only Easyriders can bring it to you.

Easyriders is published 12 times a year. And we are dedicated to keeping the BIKER magazine spirit of the two-wheeled brotherhood alive and bringing it to everyone who loves the open road.

Remember, you won't miss out on a thing. And you can look forward to receiving the new, improved Easyriders every month, packed with side-splittin' humor, radical rides, down home runs, rallies and events and America's sexiest biker babes. Of course, each issue will be delivered right to your door by a uniformed agent of the Federal government. You can't beat that.


Dean Shawler
Editor, Biker
Dave Nichols
Editor-In-Chief, Easyriders

(Please call 1-800-825-7294 with any questions you might have)


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